Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello World

Change is inevitable. Now you are living in the world where it is not same as yesterday. Innovation is not a miracle; it happen every nook and comer of the world. Technology evolves; we embrace it being to comfort our lives. We are born to change, adapting to the environment we are living is a must unless we won’t be able to survive in the modern culture. Writing a blog is a part of our modern culture. It might be your business promotion, day to day thoughts, your products, or experiences. And one more thing to be noted is blog is the place to share your ideas with the community who involving with it. Everyone has their chance to be blogger. I’m going take an opportunity to be a blogger thus it facinates me. It would be my space to write everything happens way up and down in my life. I would believe it might be a better way to start rather than giving a typical monotonous self introduction within first two sentences.

At high level,I would like to introduce myself as a human living on the earth surface and being a member of the civilized human society. Abiding by the law, I’m a Sri Lankan citizen. It is what my passport says to me. I  was born and raised with middle class values. My home town is 11 miles away from Galle, the capital of down south. Still I love that place where I see the first sight of the world. I have done my secondary education at Mahinda Collage Galle, best of among in down south. Same as you, I know that I had a dream in childhood, the person I want to be when I grow up. I never ever thought of being a software engineer. However eventually, I became a software engineer and now I love what I’m supposed to do in my job. I’m satisfied with what I have done in my life up to now. In conclusion I need to share one of my favorite quotes which I always love to hear.
                      “Life is not waiting for storm to pass, life is to learn how to dance in the rain”
                       © Nuwan Arambage-"transcending verge of life"

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