Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beautiful Words In English Language

As human, language is the fundamental way of communicating with others. Let me ask you this question. When did you learn your mother tongue? The answer might depend, someone would say, I remembered when I was a child I learn words from my mom or else most probably you never remember it. Frankly, I wouldn’t know how I learn language but for sure, when I grow up, I feel I’m getting fluent about it. Every language is unique; language has the power of expressing out feeling, emotions. Take a moment and think of what if there is no language, no way to pull out what you feel. We are lucky enough to have a way of communication. Another question, don’t you feel the limit of the language. Probably you never feel it if you are not a good reader or philosophy addict. This was found form the internet now I post it since I love share these things with you.”Most Beautiful Words In English Language”. You might feel some words are not as smart as it seems. Indeed it must have power.Our human civilization is moving forward because of the language.

This is the first series that is form 'A'  to 'C'.













A lot more to go....

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