Sunday, January 24, 2016

Install Missing Manual In CentOS 7

It is nothing so funny that sometimes, even though, you would be searching man pages correctly. Man pages are not available. Same thing happens to me today when using one instance of Azure Could VM. Little bit of googling give me a positive answer and valid reason why it is not available.

This is what I got for the first time when I was looking for a help on proc file system.

Be remember if you came across such situation, sometimes, CentOS minimal/ customized installation (specially for cloud VMs) doesn’t comes with complete man pages.

There is no perfect solution for that but, Internet teaches me that it is possible to install most of the man pages using man-pages package.

[rewards@RWDAPPSVR-Test logs]$ yum info man-pages

After installation, my problem solved. Man pages now showing proc file system help pages. Screenshot for installation and displaying proc man pages shown below.

If you face such situations,hope this workaround helps you.Happy reading.Ensure to enjoy your weekend as you work hard extended hours on week days.Cheers !.

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