Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where Linux Shines

We all know the truth that Mr Gates have conquered the Desktop OS market with a large market share. It it the real truth all the time we believe. Most of the computer users think it is really easy to work in Windows rather than other operating systems. In my personal belief , Microsoft have spent bulk of its hardly earned money to make people's mind set dressing with huge marking hype.

We can't blame Microsoft because it is their business. Mr Jobs keeps Apple's promise to his customers while competing with Mr Gates. I'm not a Microsoft nor Apple advocate justifying what they do in their business. I'm not going to compare none of those operating system who makes the big leap in OS race. It is obvious, when it comes to Desktop market Gates and Jobs rule the market even if Other OS like Linux distributions has tiny user community. My question is where does this the Great Linux shows it colors all the way?. Perhaps you can find where Linux shines but probably you will not find precise information regarding this matter. I think why I write this post where you would find more of Linux is being used.

It is no wonder you will use Google search more than three times per day. Believe me,the moment you click the search button you become a Linux user since Google servers are run using Linux distros that are customized by Google engineers. Will you believe me or not. This is the extraction form Wikipedia.”Servers are commodity-class x86 PCs running customized versions of Linux” . If you need more information read Google platform post in Wikipedia.  

Same thing applies to other search engine Yahoo.I don't want repeat my words. However big fish in Yahoo- Sven Dummer, Director of Linux engineering told the story in his own words. “ 75% of Yahoo’s Web sites and services run on Linux. The rest? It runs on FreeBSD.”. As a matter of fact it is the truth. These are confirmed facts but e-commerce web sites are run on Linux server even if not confirmed.

This is the another story that Linux supports to render Oscar award winning film. Any guesses, no one haven't missed a chance to watch Avatar. A movie directed by James Cameron. Special effects contained in Avatar movie had been rendered by Ubuntu Server farm at Weta Digital which is located in Wellington, New Zealand. Most of the blockbuster movies are rendered at Weta Digital creative studio by using Ubuntu server farm. District9, Day the Earth Stood Still, Jumper, King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Fantastic Four, Eragon, X-Men, i-Robot are great products done by Weta Digital. According to system administrator at Weta Digital, he told that  Ubuntu is at the core of almost all their systems. Ubuntu runs on all of their 3D rendering servers, and at least 90% of all their desktop systems. More detailed information about the Ubuntu powered rendering farm that rendered the CGI of Avatar is available from the Information Management and IT World websites.

The system is entirely water-cooled, as traditional air and fan cooling systems are not sufficient during near deadline times, due to constant high load on the servers. The photograph below shows the enormous water cooling system cooling a portion of the server farm.

Other fact you should know that number of stock exchange transactions happens on top Linux based platform. The newcomer who have migrated form Window server to Novell Linux due to overload crash occurred on September 8th 2008 is LSE(London Stock Exchange). Why they migrating is the more important thing to reveal. It is Just 3S's. Security , Speed and obvious Stability. LSE is not the only one which runs Linux. Other than that,you can find more by clicking this link. As a Sri Lankan, I'm really happy because Millennium IT is company located in SL that have provided the stock market solution to Landon Stock Exchange now onwards. Most of the engineers work there are Sri Lankans. So proud to be a Sri Lankan.

Everyone talks about Super computers and its usages. But no one cares what operating system they are rely on. So far , according to the statics it shows 91.8% of super computers run Linux based operating system. How is that, good or bad. You should be really happy, how long this open source Linux goes it own silent way. This is the best ever story that I have heard and I was fully happy about it.

Android is designed on top of Linux kernel. Now mobile devices are moving towards Android platform since it is the new trend in mobile market. Think a what makes Android so special. It is undoubtedly Linux.

Most laptop and notebook manufacturers tend to shipped Linux distributions(more preferably Ubuntu) with their hardware. It is a new tread has already started. Dell computers did it, firstly Asus Inc did it. Now HP keep going with releasing mass market PCs and notebooks with Linux. Electronic manufacturers mostly use Linux in their embedded devices since Linux kernel is highly configurable for specific needs.

So what is the real thing that I need to point out?. Linux is everywhere, its usage is enormous. Everyone might be using it even without knowing it. Could I make a suggestion here. Don't you feel it is worth using Linux in your desktop computer. If you do so, you will be a part of huge community and you will add great value to your skill set.

We are a Windows user from out childhood. Yes it is the truth. But do you want to be a Windows user ever?.Eventually, One thing come to my mind. It is my favorite quote all the time. “Never did the same mistake twice. There are new ones out there try something new so you will learn something new everyday”.

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